EHR Events HIMSS Certificate of Excellence

EHR Events HIMSS Certificate of Excellence


Certificate of Excellence awards

 The Electronic Health Record Association gave two Certificate of Excellence awards to Dr. Michael Q. Stearns, at the 2012 Health Information Management Systems Society Annual Meeting. The awards were for leadership and assistance provided for initiatives related to Patient Safety and Meaningful Use.

EHR Events HIMSS Certificate of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement in the implementation and value from health information technology.

The Electronic Health Record Association acknowledges and celebrates members who have added their unique sparkle and verve to the EHR industry. The Awards program promotes EHR adoption through sharing information and lessons learned on implementation strategies, financial return on investment and value of the EHR to improve patient care and outcomes. The award program is evolving in new and exciting ways. The program is devoted to spotlighting individuals that are fired up and determined to improve healthcare processes and patient case outcomes.


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  1. Stephan G. says:

    Congratulations Dr. Stearns, you deserve to be recognized as a Healthcare technology pioneer far beyond your accomplishments at Greenway and e-MDs. It is your core life’s work outside of the manufactures that is truly transforming the landscape of the industry and the over stated EHR revolution.


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