Pitfalls of Imported Text

The June 2014 cover story of the American Association of Professional Coder’s “Monthly Business Journal”  features an article written by Michael Stearns, MD, CPC, CFPC on the dangers of using tools that import text into EHRs.  A full copy of the article is available here:  “Warning: Import Text Properly – Ensure clinical documentation integrity in your electronic health records.”

Additional information related to EHR coding issues can be found at EHRCoding.com

One Response to “Pitfalls of Imported Text”

  1. Patricia González says:

    I enjoy very much reading your article and learning about imported text. In the spirit of benefit patient care, the efficiency of medical documentation and data integrity we might think that importing as much text as we can is the best choice but we then realize that this can adversely affect the integrity of the medical records if data is not reviewed and corrected. Hopefully EHRs vendors will keep working improving imported text features to alert providers when text has been imported.

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